How Long Should Testosterone Therapy Last?

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If you are considering starting testosterone therapy, there are a few things to keep in mind this resource from Regenics. One of the first things to keep in mind is that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. There are several options available, including injections, oral supplementation, oral tablets, and oral cream. The goal is to achieve the desired level of hormone levels, and you may need to start out at a low dose and increase it slowly over time.


There are several ways to treat low testosterone levels, including testosterone injection therapy. The most effective testosterone therapy involves weekly injections that maintain blood testosterone levels. Injections are administered via intramuscular or subcutaneous routes. The intramuscular route involves using a larger needle to inject deeper into muscle. A subcutaneous route uses a smaller needle to inject testosterone under the skin. Another treatment option is testosterone gel or patch therapy, which can be applied daily to the affected area. These treatments allow you to continue exercising, swimming, and even interacting with others.

Testosterone injection therapy is a relatively painless procedure. Doctors will use a needle that has a tiny gauge, which will glide smoothly into the muscle tissue. The procedure will take about 15 seconds. To make sure that everything is as sterile as possible, the area where the needle will be placed will be cleaned with alcohol wipes. The injection site should never be reused.

A year of testosterone replacement therapy may be required to see full effects. In some cases, the positive effects will be permanent. However, there are side effects. In the long run, testosterone replacement therapy may help improve sex drive and overall quality of life. It can also help reduce depression.

Oral supplementation

There are several ways to receive testosterone, and it is important to choose one that works well for you. The most common method is oral testosterone supplementation. While this method is often used, the downside is that oral testosterone can cause adverse effects on the liver. Another option is testosterone injections. There are many benefits of testosterone treatment, including an increase in energy levels, sex drive, and erection quality. It may also improve insulin sensitivity and mood.

The dosage of testosterone is determined by your needs and the amount of testosterone your body can absorb. Oral testosterone supplements are available in the form of gel packets or pumps that you can apply to the skin. Some testosterone gels are applied to the face, while others are applied to the upper gums above the incisor.

Studies have shown that oral testosterone supplementation can reduce serum PSA and prostate volume. In addition, it has been shown to decrease body fat and increase lean body mass. However, it is important to note that there are no controlled trials evaluating the safety of testosterone supplementation.

Oral tablets

Oral testosterone tablets can be used for a variety of purposes. They may be used for low levels of testosterone, to increase levels of testosterone in the body or to treat hypogonadism. Unlike injections, oral testosterone tablets do not need to be taken for extended periods of time. They can also be taken as a preventative measure. Regardless of which option you choose, there are many advantages to oral testosterone therapy.

Oral testosterone therapy is available in branded and generic formulations. The dosages vary, but are usually between 50 and 400 mg IM every two to four weeks. Some physicians also prescribe topical testosterone gel to treat erectile dysfunction. Most patients experience an increase in energy and libido within a few weeks of starting therapy.

Some people may experience serious side effects when they stop taking oral testosterone tablets or testosterone creams. At higher doses, testosterone can cause heart problems, a mini-stroke, liver damage, seizures, and other physical problems. Additionally, testosterone may cause a variety of mental and emotional effects, including mania, depression, and aggressive behavior. Furthermore, some men experience a decrease in sex drive and difficulty sleeping.

Oral cream

When starting testosterone therapy, it is important to know how long the treatment should last. This will ensure that you see the results you want sooner. However, the duration of treatment will vary among men. Most men start to experience improvement in three to six months. However, some symptoms of low testosterone may last for years. These symptoms can include low libido, chronic fatigue, and depression.

While most people experience minimal side effects, some people may experience acne. This can be bothersome and serious, and some people may require prescription medications to treat the problem. However, with the appropriate dosing of testosterone, the severity of acne will diminish over time. In addition, men may notice an increase in their mood.

To find the best dosage, consult your doctor. A typical dosage is 225 mg twice daily. However, the amount of medicine you take depends on the strength of the medicine and the amount of time you take between doses. Your doctor will prescribe the exact dose for you, based on your testosterone concentration and your specific medical condition. However, do not exceed the recommended dosage.